This blog was started by Elizabeth Orr, a young writer in her undergraduate education, as a place to publish writings, develop as an author and discuss what it takes to be a professional writer in a changing industry.

At her school in Texas, she has had the privilege of gaining experience in many areas of  journalism as  a reporter for TCU360 and a designer for TCU’s daily newspaper, the Skiff. As a reporter of campus and community news, she collaborates with a team of editors and photographers to give readers the news they need to live and work in the 76109 ZIP code.

Beyond news writing, she is fascinated with and thoroughly enjoys creative and magazine writing. In today’s universities, however, there is an ample amount of discussion and attention on the digital scare and whether or not paper publication is a dying trend. Writing for publication is changing. It is a fact in this digital world, but what does that mean for the future? How can young writers successfully emerge into this online society and survive?

There is no better time than now to think about, understand and grapple with the future of writing, and as an undergraduate, Elizabeth is doing just that.


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